Hello! Abi here, long time no speak right? I took some time away from my blog because I was unsure how I wanted to proceed with it. I kind of got to a stage where I was writing posts and my heart wasn’t in it, like I needed to write and post something just so … More Writing.


I can finally tick a little something off my wish list, and that little something was visiting one of The Pig hotels. Sadly I didn’t get to spend the night in one of their divine rooms, but I did get to do some lunchin’ and explore the hotel and the grounds. I was super excited … More THE PIG

How I Unwind

It’s so important to completely unwind sometimes, in fact it’s important to do this quite often. There are different ways of unwinding and different things work for different people. I have different methods for when I’m feeling really overwhelmed and for when I just need a bit of a breather. Today I want to talk … More How I Unwind